VOIP Business Phone Systems – Coventry West Midlands and Beyond

Communication is the key to any business. Voice Over IP Business Telephone Systems are the perfect solution for any business looking to streamline its communications. It allows for quick and easy communication both within the office and business area itself as well as with customers.

Here at Firebird IT, we design and install Voice Over IP Telephone Systems in Coventry West Midlands and Beyond. Our systems are built around your business needs. We can even set up the whole system without visiting your site, sending you a plug and play set up with everything pre-configured. Let is provide the team, knowledge, equipment and know how to get you up and running in no time.


Streamline Your Business Communications

We can set up complex rules and calling groups that mean you never miss that important phone call, and are always able to answer, no matter where you are. Hunt Group Solutions allow calls to be directed to a number of lines at once, whilst diverts will ensure if one employee is not available, another is on hand to take the call.

Have multiple businesses operating from one address? No problem, we can configure the system to show you which business is being called, and make sure you answer the phone with the appropriate greeting, our systems have no limits and are scaleable as your business grows.

What Features & Benefits Can The System Bring?

Call Groups

Easily call a whole department when a department call comes in

Multi Business Lines

Run multiple businesses from one system with company ID numbers

Call Attendance

Automated phone messages can loop at the start of a call greeting all callers

Call Menus

Accounts? Sales? Easily lets callers choose who or what department they want to contact

Conference Rooms

Easily organise conference rooms with people from in and outside of your business

Call Queuing

Queue calls so no incoming call is missed, if your lines are busy with other callers

Call Forwarding

Simple & Quick Forwarding Ensures each call gets to where it needs to be.

Hunt Groups

Set calls to ‘hunt’ for another phone in a list if the main recipient doesn’t answer after a certain amount of time

Remote Voicemail Access

Access your Voicemail from any device on your IP phone network