Password Generation – How To Make Strong Passwords you can remember

It’s very difficult to create a complex password nobody will be able to guess or easily use a program to crack while also being memorable at the same time. Typically you have to find the sweet spot between complexity and memorability in order to create a useful password. Here’s what to do when trying to […]

How to spot Spam Emails and Attachments

Many people require the use of emails in their daily lives, whether it’s for business purposes (contacting customers and employees, processing orders, etc) or personal purposes (contacting family members, email verifications, online banking statements). But there is always the threat of spam to your email address which can be a major problem to your security. […]

Microsoft XP End Of Life

As some of you may have heard by now, Microsoft has chosen to end the support of the Windows XP Operating System and Microsoft Office 2003 on April 8th 2014. This is due to the Support Lifecycle policy (2002) and states that Microsoft Business and Developer products like Windows and Office, will receive a minimum […]