Networking – Coventry West Midlands and Beyond

We provide network design and installation services for homes and businesses in Coventry, West Midlands and beyond. Whether you have a new premises or office that requires a full network solution, additional cabling or computers for your existing business network, an internet café or a new enterprise wireless solution, we will be happy to help you.

We can install servers, switches, routers and firewalls; business scale Wi-Fi routers that can handle up to 150 devices; set up guest networks with filtering and timed one-use tickets; we can even install Wi-Fi in locations with no power nearby.


Wired Networks

From expanding an existing wired network or designing and  installing a new one, Firebird IT Solutions are the company of choice.

We understand how confusing and delicate wired networks can become, especially in large wired network environments, with a large amount of cabling. But not to worry, we have the tools, resources and knowledge on how to cable together or identify and fix a wired network for any sized business and have your business network up and running in no time.

Wireless Networks

We have installed wireless solutions for large organisations right through to internet cafes and even churches. We use market leading wireless equipment, providing amazing range and signal strength.

Here at Firebird IT, we can design, install and support your wireless solution, including setting up new wireless routers or relay points to boost the range of your network signal, increasing your security so that people can’t see or access the network and upgrading old outdated equipment.


VPN – Virtual Private Networks (Remote Access To Your Company Network)

Virtual Private Networks will allow you to access your company’s network from any of your connected devices, anywhere, anytime.

This can all be done over a secure, encrypted connection. Accessing your data from any type of device either while on the move, in the workplace or at home is becoming increasingly important as it give you the flexibility to work whenever and wherever. A VPN is the perfect solution for home or remote workers, it’s just like being sat in the office.

Get in touch to discuss how a VPN – Virtual Private Network can help your company.