Protecting Your Network With Intrusion Protection

Protecting your company network & data is imperative. Installing business grade firewalls on to your computers and networks enables you to monitor & control access and prevent any unwanted intrusions – whether from outside or within your network.

Because intrusions can just as easily be from compromised company computers or staff members, Network Intrusion Detection should not just be looked at as an external defence system. It should be the first line of defence for all companies to protect all computers on their local network.


Business Grade Hardware

Here at Firebird IT, we always provide our customers with market leading, business grade technology to best suit their business.

Therefore, we only provide the best quality hardware to our customers while also trying to keep it affordable and cost effective to you. As well as making sure it will last for years to come with minimal problems.

Also, by taking out one of our regular support contracts it will ensure that we keep your hardware running smoothly, so if there are any problems then we will be able to identify the cause and replace any faulty parts, before they become too problematic.

Our Security Team

Our security team has the experience knowledge and know how to deliver tailored, hardened security solutions. We have worked with many clients implementing solutions that set the standard for their network security.

Our engineers have the Hardware, Networking and Business knowledge that means we provide a security solution that you can trust in.

If you want to discuss protecting your network, get in touch and we can arrange a consultation and no obligation quotation.